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HiddenWallBed is a solution for space saving. In our present modern new residential living in Singapore, most of the rooms are rather small.

Hiddenwallbed concept had been introduced in Western country many years ago. However, it was not introduced to Singapore. Back 12 years ago, my parentsí 3 room HDB flat home was small and I had always wished I could find a similar concept of Hiddenwallbed in Singapore.

About 5 years ago, I had heard from the carpentry industries that someone had brought in this concept of hiddenwallbed but failed, This is due to the unreliable spring mechanism that was screwed onto the wooden bed frame, after repeated opening & closing the screws starts to loosen up which lead to an unbalance wooden bed frame. This resulted in the structure not being able to be close upright anymore.

About 1 year ago, I bought a new house & the rooms were small & I decided to ask my interior designer to design hidden wall bed concept with wardrobe & cabinets to maximize more space for my rooms. The interior designer had done a good job with the 3D design drawing with the integrated HiddenWallbed concept but I was determined to look for the hidden wall bed mechanism. Finally I found someone in Singapore who had this hidden wall bed mechanism but it was too costly(about $5,000+) as the mechanism from the Western country import set.

As I really wanted to create more space for my new home, I was determined to look for similar supplier for the hiddenwallbed.

Finally I had found a source who can supply me the Hidden Wall Bed with Full Metal bed Frame Mechanism which I wanted and at affordable price. But there was no distributor in Singapore for this product.

So I negotiated for the sole distributor for Singapore and we have been appointed as the distributor.

We brought in the Hidden wall bed with Full metal bed Frame mechanism, then we face problem in the measurement, calculation & installing to combine with our carpenters for the carpentry work. We take about 5 to 6 months doing our own research & development ( R&D ) . Finally we had the solution and we submitted for Patent Rights. We also get our showroom completed. Our Hidden wall Bed is now pending Patent rights.

We will always look into various ways of improving our products we look to your kind feedback to improve our products and design for our customers. We hope to give our customers an experience of homely ambience and to take delight, with our products that be handled easily in mounting bed onto the wall and maximize more space for their home.

We hereby like to say thanks to you for your time taken to read this long message.

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